Corporation details - Strategic Exploration and Development Corp [SEADC]
Alliance: Silent Company CEO: Ikarus Cesaille
Kills: 78 HQ:
Losses: 6 Members: 7969
ISK destroyed: 8.58B Shares: 9000
ISK lost: 0.39B Tax Rate: 1%
Efficiency: 95.62% Website:
Welcome to SEADC!

Just like a NPC corporation with benefits! Why stick in a NPC corporation with random players when you can be in a player corporation with friends?

We are the new way of starting out your EVE career. We open our doors for all age and type of pilots as long as you have a friendly and mature attitude and are able to communicate in English!

With a very laid back attitude and no mandatory operations to join it is up to you to decide how much you want to interact with the other members in the corporation.

How you want to benefit from us is completely up to you, just like in NPC corporations. The great difference with us and NPC corporations is that we have a lot more to offer with the same level of risks that they offer!

We are the entry gateway to the
Silent Coalition. When you join us we will help you out to find the right corporation that matches your desired gameplay in EVE. From the variety of different corporations that we are aligned with you will most likely always find the right corporation for you. Best part is that you won’t lose any of the friends that you have made in our corporation if you advance as almost all of our operations are joint operations that do not care about your corporation statuses!

So why don’t you hop in and
start a new chapter with us by either just hanging around for the social aspect or by building yourself a career either inside the corporation or by advancing to the more specified corporations that operate within our community!

Recruitment status:

Point of contacts:
Ikarus Cesaille

More information about us can be found at:
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